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Access Emergency Locksmiths upvc door repairs yorkAccess were called to a customer who had lost her keys to the front door of her property which had Upvc doors and non-Diamond Rated so called Break Secure Euro anti snap cylinders. Customers are conned by unqualified, unscrupulous locksmiths who are offering so called discounts on Break Secure Cylinders. What the unknowing customers do not know is that these cylinders which are not Diamond or 3 Star Rated, offer little more protection to their homes and personal property than the standard economical euro cylinders which control Upvc and Composite Doors.

Access Emergency Locksmiths were able to gain entry to the door is less than a minute and fitted Avocet ABS Diamond and 3 Star Rated Break Secure (anti snap) euro cylinders for the customer who was not impressed with the level of protection the inferior break secure cylinders had offered which had been fitted by another locksmith at a cost in excess of what she was being charged by us to fit the leading Break Secure or Anti Snap Cylinders.

Using a Master Locksmith who is member of the Master Locksmiths Association guarantees that the customer will get the best advice with regards to locks and locking fixtures. This customer had a lucky break insomuch that we got to the inferior cylinder before the burglars.

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Upvc door repairs York

Upvc door repairs York